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June-July Classes

This is a pretty busy month here at BTC so online classes would start as soon as the week of the 21st. Send Amanda a message if you are interested to sign-up for Treibball, Fitness foundations, or Tricks. All classes are 5 weeks long and the weekly class group discussions are available to be held on Tuesdays, … Continue reading June-July Classes

May Scent trial with Pogo

Sniffin’ with Pogo

Matt, Pogo and I spent the morning at a local scent work trial. Though Pogo is only 13 and a half years old, he was still on point searching outside with the happiest little old doggy trot! He was two for two for his two exterior searches and earned his Novice Exterior title in the … Continue reading Sniffin’ with Pogo

April 2021 Classes

Group evening classes starting the first week of April. Amanda is guest instructing at Ellis Dog Training. These are 5 week classes. Send Amanda a message if you are interested to sign-up! 6:30 PM starting Monday 4/5, Canine Good Citizen – Available 6:30 PM starting Friday 4/9, AKC Fitdog level 1 – Available 2:30 PM … Continue reading April 2021 Classes

March 2021 Classes

Online evening classes starting the first week of March. -Treibball Foundations 1 *Two spots left!-AKC Fitdog level 1 *Four spots left! Send Amanda a message if you are interested to sign-up! *Each class is 5 weeks long and facilitated through Microsoft Teams. We meet once a week online and during the week the students are … Continue reading March 2021 Classes

When it’s winter in NH…

You go swimming! We’re lucky one of our local pet stores has an indoor pool. Normy enjoyed 15 minutes tonight. We haven’t been in over a year yet his routine was still the same! It goes something like this, I toss toy.Norm runs into the pool.Norm swims out to get toy.Norm swims back with toy.I … Continue reading When it’s winter in NH…

Staying cool

It’s finally getting hot! Though we aren’t dabbling in competitions right now, here are a few ways we stay cool and some accessories that our friends are using as indoor crating is out… ha ha! Aluminet is found through most dog supply stores. It can be pretty pricey for a small one too! I’ve bought … Continue reading Staying cool

Crazy times!

After a few months off, I’m back teaching beginning agility classes in person. Send me a message to come find me! I also started teaching the basics of treibball online via Microsoft Teams. A new session starts this fall and is limited to five teams. Please contact me if you are interested to join. It’s … Continue reading Crazy times!

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