We offer small virtual classes organized through Microsoft Teams as well as small local in person group classes. If you are interested in enrolling, please visit the Contact page to send us a message and get on the list. If there is a class you don’t see listed, please feel free to send a message and we’ll do the best we can to help you find what you are looking for!

The schedule of what’s currently being offered can be found here and at the end of this page.


We offer two foundation classes that teach the skills needed to play a novice game of treibball which are Send, Direction, and Push. These three are also part of the National Treibball Association’s Skill Certificate (NATE) program.

In Foundation 1, students will work on Send and Direction skills. This class is a prerequisite for Foundation 2. In Foundation 2, students will continue building on Send and Direction and also start learning the foundations of pushing.

The minimum equipment needed for these classes are access to two foot targets (such as a medium weight mat, yoga mat, or exercise mat, mousepad etc.), food target (such as a plate, bowl, upside-down frisbee), two objects (such as a laundry basket, cone, small stool, box, etc.), and a yoga ball (only for the Foundation 2 class).

If any student is interested to apply for any of the NATE Skill Certificates, Amanda is certified to evaluate them and happy to work with you to achieve that goal!

Fitness Level 1

Created by the AKC Fitdog program, this class teaches the understanding of what the proper form is for a dog how maintain it during the exercises and stretches . The exercises covered are tuck sit, nose touch, front paw targeting, shake a paw, kick back stand, spin left/right, fold back down, pivoting hind legs, and cavaletti poles. This is a fun class with the expectation that this isn’t for creating an at home exercise program. Any dog participating in this must be in good health and cleared by their veterinarian to perform the exercises.

There is an requirement to have access to at least the following equipment to practice at home: yoga mat, platform/stepper, and a rubber feed bucket. Anyone unsure of what size is appropriate for their dog, please contact Amanda for recommendations.


Based on the growing list of tricks by AKC, we offer classes around building the teamwork to achieve most every and any level trick! This is a great way to exercise a dog’s mind.

Most novice and intermediate tricks there is no equipment requirement. There is an equipment requirement for upper level tricks however the program is flexible and we can help find one that works with what you already have access to.


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