Staying cool

It’s finally getting hot! Though we aren’t dabbling in competitions right now, here are a few ways we stay cool and some accessories that our friends are using as indoor crating is out… ha ha!

Aluminet is found through most dog supply stores. It can be pretty pricey for a small one too! I’ve bought and tested two different UV rated ones that cover my car through Greenhouse Megastore. 50% is very breathable, lightweight, and compact! My new 80% though is amazing at blocking UV but it isn’t quite as breathable so I recommend using it with the car windows down, hatch up (if you have one), and the Ryobi battery operated fans to help keep the air moving.

Cooling gel pads are also great. I’ve found them at Marshalls, commercial pet stores, and discount stores that have a pet section. Throw one into a cotton pillowcase for added protection. They can get gross so make sure you give it a good cleaning after using.

Portable fans are a must! Ryobi has one for $40 and get the 3amp or more battery and it will last at least a day.

Shade huts for when you can’t hang out inside or in your car. They are the hottest trend right now so if you see one that has UV protection and under $50, snap it up!

Other suggestions from groups I belong to are putting down light colored sheets/tarps to park your car on if you are on asphalt, cool misting fans, and if there’s something else, I will share!

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