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First AKC Scent Trial in 2021

Great fun day at our third scent trial. NORM! GCH Sandwynn’s Happy Hour BN RI OA OAJ TKP CGCA CGCU ATT, was ALL in! We went 3 for 3 and had a first and two second places. Earned our first novice title, Interior title 🥳 we now have one leg left in the Containers, Exterior, and Buried elements. Once we achieve all the four elements, we will earn the Overall Novice Scent title! We are very excited for the next trials we make it into. This was a big goal I had for us last year that went on hold because of the pandemic.

May Scent trial with Pogo

Sniffin’ with Pogo

Matt, Pogo and I spent the morning at a local scent work trial. Though Pogo is only 13 and a half years old, he was still on point searching outside with the happiest little old doggy trot! He was two for two for his two exterior searches and earned his Novice Exterior title in the Performance Scent Dogs organization. Couldn’t be more proud and can’t recommend enough about doing activities to help keep your dog’s brain engaged no matter what age!

When it’s winter in NH…

You go swimming! We’re lucky one of our local pet stores has an indoor pool. Normy enjoyed 15 minutes tonight. We haven’t been in over a year yet his routine was still the same! It goes something like this,

I toss toy.
Norm runs into the pool.
Norm swims out to get toy.
Norm swims back with toy.
I trade toy for cookies.
Norm trots out of the pool, shakes, and finally runs/rubs all around the outside of the pool.