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Taking a new look at color choices

Pondering of today! I have these awesome collapsible cones which are bright orange with a reflective strip that I training different exercises with my dogs. After listening to the podcast below and reading through the article, I have a new perspective!  I’m going to put wide black stripes on my orange cones which I think will help my oldest dog when we do any short trainings outside when winter ends.  I’m thinking some of the frustrated behavior she was showing were vision related. Some of my other equipment used outside (such as foot targets and agility jump bars and treibball equipment) I’m going to take inventory on rethinking now they may not have the best contrast either!

This is going to be super important as dogs age because they’re depth perception isn’t the best with stationary objects and as well in sports requiring longer distance work. For example, make sure there’s a cone with a contrasting foot target setup behind it so as the dog approaches they’ll clearly see the cone and target against the ground.

The podcast link is below and an article with a wonderful simple color chart if you would like to take a deeper dive as well!